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Computer Consulting

DeeDoc advises small businesses on technology related issues and offer our expertise, regarding how improved technology can best benefit your business. We serve on several technical committees for local businesses to help oversee their technological development. We will assist you in developing maintenance schedules, evaluate hardware and software requirements, Maintain systems and networks, set up backup and disaster recovery plans and implement rollouts and migrations. In essence we are your IT department.

  • Backup system Assessment
  • System Backup and Restore services
  • Systems Consultation
  • Network consultation, Design and implementation
  • Computer Training
  • Systems installation and project management
  • Setting up digital signatures
  • Computer repairs and software support
  • Web and Internet services
  • Onsite and Offsite maintenance service
  • PC loan program and rentals available
  • Systems Integration for builds, replacements or to enhance network infrastructure.
  • Network Audits
  • Performance Optimization
  • Outsourcing
  • Printer Problem Resolution

Hardware and Software Solutions

DeeDoc computers provides a complete solutions for all hardware and software related issues. We provide consultation and support. Our Certified technicians can repair all makes and models, across different operating systems platforms. System upgrades and optimization are always more economical than buying new computers these days. DeeDoc will advise you when it is necessary to buy a new computer or when an upgrade might meet your needs. We will find the most cost effective solution for you. This service also includes original or third-party hardware and/or software installation, upgrades, troubleshooting and support.



The DeeDoc Computers Network Services Division is dedicated to providing high-quality support through expert personnel at affordable rates. All of our technicians have years of experience and expertise in networks, and hold technical certifications such as Microsoft (MCSE), Novell (CNA) and Cisco (CCNA, CCNP)'s. DeeDoc supports Novell Netware, Microsoft Windows Networking, Cisco, Netopia, linksys, Dlink routers and switches. The Network Services  Division aims to solve problems that other computer dealers can't. Some of the services we provide are:

  • LAN & WAN planning and design
  • Network software and hardware integration
  • Workstation installation
  • Security implementation
  • Network printing
  • Connectivity to Midrange/Mainframe  computers
  • Electronic mail systems
  • Firewall Solution
  • VPN Solutions
  • Backup systems
  • Cabling
  • Training
  • Network support & administration



Internet Setup, Filtering, Montitoring and Web Design

We perform Internet setup for companies so that they can share one phone line and one dial up to get everyone in the office on the Internet. We help businesses develop security and policies for Internet usage. We also assist in setting up filtering and monitoring so that you can keep track of what your employees are doing on the company Internet access. Other services we provide are:

  • Registration (or transfer) of your domain name (ex.www.yourname.com)
  • Analysis of your competitors' sites
  • Scanning of photos
  • Designing logos
  • Content revision
  • Site Navigation Design
  • Forms
  • Search Engine Registration
  • Sitewide search engine


General Consulting Free Hr
Onsite customers fee $45.00
Computer Repairs $65.00 Hr
Computer Hardware\Software Installation $65.00 Hr
System Backups $65.00 Hr
Data Recovery  (Depends on HardDrive Size) 1gb $65.00
Research Services Advanced $85.00 Hr
Convert Media, Graphics or Files $65.00 Hr
System optimization $35.00
Virus Protection & Removal $65.00
Hardware Installation $45.00
Sound Card Installation $35.00
Hard Drive Installation $45.00
Modem Installation $45.00
Scanner Installation $35.00
Game/ I/O Card Install $35.00
Internet services (Setup $35.00
CD-ROM Installation $35.00
Storage Drives ------------ cd-rw , jazz , zip , tape , etc $45.00
Video Card Installation $35.00
Memory Installation $25.00
20 Hour Retainer Contract $1300.00 Yr
Pre-Paid Retainer Hours / 100 hr block $49.00 Hr
Scan or Digital Photo $4.00 Ea
CD Copying (includes media) $10.00 Ea
Color Printout on Specialty Ink Jet Paper $0.30 Ea
Laser Copying or Printing $0.10 Ea
Test/Download Page or additional viewers $42.50 Ea
Custom Style Sheets, Templates and Macros $85.00
Database Creation $125.00 Hr



Web Design Rates

Main Web Page:
This includes two html pages: approximately two type 8 1/2 x 11 pages, Four graphics (You provide or can be provided at reasonable prices) , Five internal Links (between the two pages) , Tables , Buttons, Lines and Background
Additional pages $35.00
Additional graphics (You provide) $10.00
Custom Graphics (Designed By DeeDoc) Small $18
Animations $30 each
Forms and CGI Scripting $30
Streaming Video $35.00
Streaming Audio $15.00
Merchant Account Setup $50
Additional POP Accounts $10.00 each
Simple Package $350.00
Economy Package $1,500.00
Advanced Package $2,700.00
Complete Package $4,500.00
Web Language Programming, CGI, Perl, Flash Elements, Active-X or Java 125.00 Hr
InterNIC Registration Service (2 years) 120.00 Ea
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