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Professional training from DEEDOC Computers helps computer users make the most of their time and technology. Evening and weekend classes are available. We offer a wide range of courses from basic application to network training. Our advanced technical training courses help prepare students for rigorous certification exams. Knowledgeable, professional, certified instructors are foundation for DEEDOC's instructor-led training. All our instructors undergo rigorous training to become certified. Our instructors are equipped to convey technical information to students in a way that is easy to understand. Classes are typically open to the general public, or available as one-on-one training. Specialized group training for corporate, small business and other institutions are available. Call 919 876 4000 today to speak with a training representative.
Call 919 876 4000 
or email training@deedoc.com
One 2 1/2 hour class  $130.00 Evening Classes:
7   - 10PM.
Weekends Classes:
8   - 12:00PM.
12 - 4.00PM.
4   - 7.00PM
Windows 98 Introduction

Introduces the Windows 98 operating system. Topics include: using the taskbar, using the Start Menu, working on the desktop, using Web-style content, managing files and folders and shortcuts, deleting files, using the Help systems, working with applications, looking at system tools, working with documents and exchanging information between applications. Prerequisites: None.
(61/2 hrs)

Computers Intro Introduction 

Introduces the Windows operating system to those who know computer basics but are new to Windows. Topics include:  working with desktop and the taskbar, using shortcut menus, managing files and folders, using recycle Bin, creating personal shortcuts for easy access to files and devices, learning how to work within programs and move information between multiple Bin, creating personal shortcuts for easy access to files and devices, learning how to work within programs and move information between multiple programs. Prerequisites: None
(21/2 hrs)

File Management with Windows

Students will learn about using Windows Explorer, protecting files, registering files and creating, renaming, moving and copying files. 
(2 1/2 hrs).

Windows Advanced New Features

Students will learn about the Personal Web Server, Home page Wizard, customizing Web content, working with backgrounds, examining Plug and Play, power management, system configuration utilities, disk cleanup and active directory. Prerequisites: Windows 2000 Introduction. (1/2 day)

Internet Fundamentals

This is a used-centric introductory-level course intended for students with little or no exposure to the Internet. This course familiarizes you with the background, technology, functionality, and utility of the Internet and its most popular associated services. Those with a need to understand and utilize E-mail, Gopher, and the World Wide Web will gain the most from this course.  Prerequisites: Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Windows user interface.
(2 1/2 hrs).

HTML Fundamentals

Students gain hands-on experience using HTML tags attributes, character entities and hyperlinks. Topics include: Hypertext theory, conventional publishing vs. nonlinear publishing, scripting language characters, HTML tag syntax and usage, tag categories, and HTML tables.

Prerequisites: Basic typing skills and Internet Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge.
(2 1/2 day)
Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows 2003

This course is designed to provide support professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to install and configure the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating system/Exam to be determined.
(5days, 3 hrs/day)

Administering Windows 2000

Provides student with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform administration tasks in a single domain Window2000 network.
(5days, 2 hrs/day)

Supporting Windows 2000 Professional & Server

Provides students with the knowledge/ skills necessary to install & configure the 2000 professional on stand-alone computers and on client computers that are part of a workgroup/domain. Students will also install/configure server to create files, print and terminal servers.
(5 days, 6 1/2 hrs/day)

Networking Essentials

Students will learn intermediate –level skills to grasp a general understanding of the technical concepts and components of the networks (LAN) environments. Students will be prepared to successfully complete the Networking Essentials Microsoft Certified Professional exam. Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows interface and word processing.
(5 days, 2 hrs/day).

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